Recruiting techniques behind the scene.

Recruiting techniques behind the scene.


We are specialised in recruiting private chefs and household or hospitality staff.
For recruiting a private chef and household or hospitality staff it is necessary to know the business from inside. To put it in perspective: our clients are looking for a trustworthy, talented and experienced private chef. An authentic genius behind the stove, who will surprises everyday for as long as possible the palate of the guests. Or the chef the rang that will welcome every guest with joy and with the will to deliver the highest level of service, demonstrating motivation and care for each guest in the restaurant. Searching and finding these perfect candidates seems very difficult, however with our network we can find them for you and even have already worked with them!
Our team has the best education in hospitality and the experience of being private chef, so they know how what to tell the candidates about the positions and what clients are looking for.
Private Chefs GmbH does not only do recruiting, but also operates as a catering company. This means that we work with some of the staff that we recruit at our catering events, to get to know their work quality and attitude, before sending them to the right client.
We create relationships with our chefs and all the staff that we recruit. This allows us to get to know the candidates better and then to decide which one will be the best match for each specific client.

Working with Private Chefs it is a great experience. I spoke directly with Conrad Etzweiler and he immediately understood our needs. A week later it was organised for us two tastings from two different great chefs, we were very impressed. We’re working with Thomas since one year now and he does every day a perfect job, making our family very happy. Private Chefs take care of the Payroll and if we have questions or we need support, Conrad is always available.Thank you for your support and service.

Diana K.

A continuous relationship will make us know the needs of the candidates and their work functions and will help us understand when improvements or changes need to be made for them.
We have the experience to recruit and bring the best matching candidate to the right client. But this only works if we hear what our clients need.
With 20 years of experience, we have the ability to understand the needs of our candidates and clients and are now delivering a quick and uncomplicated but especially personal service. We urge to find the best candidate for the position we are recruiting for.


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